Andy Forbis and Joel Fairey founded Allpack Assembly, Inc. in 2005.  Joel and Andy used their combined 40 years of packaging and shipping experience to begin Allpack Assembly/Fulfillment.

In 2012 Allpack purchased and renovated a facility in Butner N.C. Our fulfillment warehouse is a mile from Interstate 85 and is an ideal location for one to two day ship time of the entire east coast. Having our assembly and fulfillment in one large location gives you all the services you need under one roof. Contact us to get started.

Temperature Control Warehouse

Allpack offers both temperature controlled and non-temperature controlled storage in our fulfillment warehouse to provide you with the most economical solutions available.  Please let us know if your items need to be stored in a temperature controlled environment.

Inbound Container Receiving

Managing large inbound shipments can be a difficult task.  We are experts at unloading, separating and controlling the flow of inbound containers. Sometimes goods can be damaged during shipping. Allpack can provide an “open carton” inspection to insure that your goods arrive safely.

Returns, Re-working & Salvage

Handling product returns can be time and space consuming and messy. Give your mess to us and we will, as necessary, count, separate, re-inspect and repackage your returns.

Secured Storage Facility

You can feel safe while storing your products at with Allpack. Alarm systems are in place protecting your business twenty-four hours a day.

Total Inventory Management

Our online inventory systems are designed to be accurate and up to the minute giving you total visibility of your inventory. Specialized accounting features can be added to your account allowing easy bookkeeping solutions. Physical inventories will also be completed upon request.

Transportation & Freight Logistics

Moving your freight can be complicated and expensive. Our transportation and logistics network gives you the mobility and preferred customer discounts with the best freight carriers in the world.  We can handle every aspect of your shipment while providing you with unprecedented delivery options and total online visibility.