EDI Services

bar code label

bar code label

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is now used by most major retailers.  We can help you through the process and generate many of your documents for you including shipping manifests and EDI barcoded carton labels.  Wikipedia.org defines EDI as:

"Organizations that send or receive documents between each other are referred to as 'trading partners' in EDI terminology. The trading partners agree on the specific information to be transmitted and how it should be used."

EDI Standards Consulting & Implementation

   Allpack's services include warehousing and distribution for Electronic Data Interchange standards and protocols.  With knowledge and experience in time critical logistics projects, Allpack is able to cover all your needs: from landing, storage, pick-pack and shipping. Bundled with our data management and handling facilities, our clients now have access to a complete solution instead of just parts and pieces.  Just tell your manufacturer our address and we take of the rest, your trade partners will know they are working with professionals dedicated to meet their time and accuracy needs.

   Our consulting service include reliable shipping manifest, Transportation planning, Optimized production flow, Process layout & floor design, Inventory Control and Quality assurance.  Each of these processes requires dedicated analysis and planing.  After implementation, we collect various productivity statistics per person-hour and order fill rates optimizing the flow and filling the gaps for maximum productivity.  Expert planing of each project allow us to offer tailor made solutions for each customer.  From textiles to motorcycles, we have the people and skills set required for your project.

Routing Guide Compliance

Larger retailers usually issue a routing guide instructing you how to package, stack, label, route and ship for them.  Charge backs will be assessed for non-compliance.  Allpack has shipped to many if not most of the major retailers in the United States. We are well versed in the languages of routing guide compliance and can assist your company with UCC128 Generation, Electronic Shipping Manifest, EDI Standards Consulting and Implementation.

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