Outsourcing Services


       Allpack Assembly, Inc. is ready to handle your outsource packaging and fulfillment needs. We specialize in hands on labor and consider ourselves an alternative to temporary staffing. Use our workers on our site at a controlled price. Allpack provides a per unit price by using a permanent staff of assemblers that keep your production costs low.  Our 65,000 square foot facility is located off of the Durham freeway and ready to stage and ship your next big project.  Check out our list of services and request a quote.  If you don't see what you need, ask.  That is what fulfillment at Allpack Assembly is all about today.

Contract Packaging

You provide the parts and we provide the labor.  Large or small runs designed for your bottom line and time line.  No job is too labor intensive for us.

We carefully pick pack all your product for optimal delivery and safe arrival.

Product Kitting Services

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Kitting is an effective way of increasing sales and showcasing your products
.  From displays to gift baskets, we have kitted products together in possible anyway.

’ΔΆ Bagging,  Bundling,  Boxing, Twisting, 
’ΔΆ Taping,  Gluing,  Sticking, Stapling, 
’ΔΆ Tacking,  Sewing,  Hanging, Inserting, 
’ΔΆ Folding, Rolling, Wrapping  and more...

Point of Purchase Displays

The use of point of purchase displays has grown tremendously over the past decade and has proven to be a cost effective way of shipping, displaying and selling your products.  The builders at Allpack Assembly are specialist at assembling your displays accurately and neatly every time. 

Inventory Quality Control

      Quality control is an essential part of a successful product.  Provide Allpack with your product standards and we will perform an inspection based on your quality specifications.  We also perform third party inspections when required.

re-working & Salvage

     Handling product returns is a cost effective way to get the most out of your inventory.  A large percentage of product returns are due to damaged packaging, not damaged goods.  Allpack can process your returns and re-work them into a new and saleable product. 

Track you project

   At allpack, technology helps us keep costs low while keeping out customer well informs of the status of their projects.  You can check order status at any time. 

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